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OK, Heather “tagged,” which, from what I gathered from her blog, means that I have to write five things about myself that other people don’t know, and then tag 5 other people.

So, here it goes:

1.  I have an outrageously weird sense of humor.  Wait, that is known already.  I’ll start over.

1.  I was fascinated by the concept of shaving when I was but a small girl.  My dad gave me an old razor with no blade and I shaved my face just like him.  I only remember doing that once.  Whew!

2.  Like Heather and her friend Anne,  my sister and I would come up with songs.  As mentioned in the previous post, Eva has gone on to write really good songs that make sense, but our first song was entitled  “Chew a Straw.”  The lyrics:

“Chew a straw, doo-ah-doo-ah.” (Repeat).  That’s it.  My mom would get so irritated:

A song needs to have some kind of story to it.  It can’t just be about cheing a straw.

3. At about 8 yrs old, I woke up with a vision that I was going to build a drum set.  It was so beautiful in my mind, and so easy to make!  The result– 2 boxes turned upside down.  The dream died within the hour.

4. This is a shout-out to my “Thief in the Night” homies:  I was so worried that I wasn’t going to make the rapture, that as I prayed for the maybe 500th time that the Jesus would come into my heart (I was 6 I think).  As I prayed, I had a vision of a painting that had a lit candle and a heart with a banner around it that said “Life.”  It’s still so vivid in my mind, and I think on that when I start to get worried that I was “left behind.” 

5.  My first poster was of Kirk Cameron in the 4th grade.  My friend Charity and I would jump on my bed (he was over the bed) and tried to reach his lips to kiss them.  I think my dad was a little shaken by this (my first crush).  His little tomboy of a girl starting to like boys!


OK, so now I tag 5 people:

–Amy N.


–Jen T.





  1. http://www.artbyred.com/blog/
    ok, go for it.

  2. Don’t forget the classic song:

    Swim to the Lord, Swim to the Lord,
    Swim to the Lord of Hosts!

  3. […] Anna tagged me… I’ll play along, but just this one time… […]

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